Customer Reviews

  1. Great
    Review by Dan, 6/7/11

    I bought 2 of the 17 ft Revolution XE ladders about 2 years ago at the Minnesota State Fair. After watching the them, I decided that the ladder was for me. They tell you that you will never need another ladder, they couldn't be more correct. It is so easy to adjust for the height you need, not to mention the stability of the ladder in the step ladder configuration. I am not a small guy, about 6'2 270 and I never worry about the ladder failing. The only complaint I have is I wish I would have bought a 22ft ladder with the 17 ft ladder instead of 2 17 ft ladders. The extra height would have helped me out. The 22 ft ladder is the next on my list of things to get.

  2. Excellent Investment
    Review by Mike, 4/17/12

    Recently moved from 2 and 1/2 story house to one story. Sold my 40 ft and 24 ft extension ladders and my 8 ft step. Replaced with the RevolutionXE. Best investment ever! I can't use it with the aplomb of your demonstrators yet, but I have used it against the vertical wall, on steps and as two or three different size step ladders. The wheels, the light weight and the robustness of the latches are amazing features. I don't know why us homeowners have settled for cheap, wobbly yet stiff to setup junk for all these years.

  3. Excellent
    Review by Cglane, 6/7/11

    I thought my wife was crazy for buying this ladder until I started using it. Well built and safe. I would highly recommend it.

  4. The Light Weight and new Style Locks Sold Me
    Review by Brad, 4/17/12

    I bought a Keller 26 just prior to the new little Giant. I found out in trying to use it that it was to heavy for me to handle alone. I really like the lighter weight of the Little Giant. I have used it once a week since I got it.

  5. Model 17
    Review by Colfax, 6/7/11

    Great ladder, we have over 30 in our company and they are fantastic. You can lay them side ways across the back wall of a full size van, They never break, and the small footprint, reduces bangs and scrapes in customers homes.

  6. Little Giant Revolution XE 22
    Review by Lazy Bones, 6/8/11

    Great ladder, its pretty heavy but extremely stable and solid. Love it and since its a once in a lifetime investment, think I made a right choice and did not settle down for others in the market, as they seams to be shaky. Happily changed a fused bulb the other day and was very comfortable to reaching heights. Will diffidently recommend this product to everyone.

  7. Absolutely Love the Ladder
    Review by Sarah, 6/8/11

    I've been doing construction work on the side for many years working with typical Hardware Store ladders. This past month I was building a deck and had my Fiberglass 6' A-Frame ladder twist and send me to the ground. So I finally decided to break down and buy a Little Giant Ladder. I've seen them at home shows for years but was afraid of the price. Well let me tell you, forget about the price tag this is by far the best ladder system I've ever used. It is stable easy to move around the job site and with it's many features I just gave away my other ladders. I should have bought this ladder years ago and been safer at my job sites. If you own another ladder I would still recommend you buy one of these ladders you will never look back and ask yourself why did I buy this! My son who helps me now just loves the ladder we even fight over it who will get to use it when needed. I guess I will have to buy a second Little Giant one for each of us!

  8. Outstanding
    Review by Bill, 6/7/11

    I bought this ladder to paint the stair well at my daughter's townhouse. It was absolutely perfect for the job. I also purchased the leg leveler. This ladder will easily replace three of the old fashioned style that I have in may garage. This is one of tools that I should have bought many years ago. I highly recommend this product.

  9. Very Satisfied
    Review by Rick, 4/17/12

    I have a fear of heights and had long had problems on ladders. About eight years ago I bought the middle-sized Little Giant hoping that it would be more secure than the ladders I had used for reaching the 18-foot roof line of my house. I was very pleasantly surprised; fully extended the ladder was amazingly secure. I was far less nervous when cleaning gutters or getting on and off the roof. Inside, it was perfect for changing light fixtures on a cathedral ceiling.
    We recently moved into a new house with even higher ceilings and roofline. I just bought the biggest model and have been using it. It's not too heavy to carry, is very stable and I'm glad I bought it. I'm giving my old one to my son, who just bought his first house.

  10. Rock Steady and Well Made
    Review by moysz28, 4/17/12

    I have been using my brothers Little Giant for over 15 years . No other ladder do I feel safe on. Finally broke down and bought the Revolution XE 26. I have used it several times and it works flawlessly. Just as expected. If you can part with the money you will not regret it.

  11. We Love It
    Review by Pete, 6/8/11

    we got the ladder in the middle of painting our rooms. the best feature is that you can separate it into two A-frames and both of us can be painting at the same time. The ladder is lighter than I expected and easy to move around. Will be using the full length feature next to clean out some dead vines and fixing some windows on the outside wall. Have full confidence that it will work just as well.

  12. Great Ladder!
    Review by Lost Time, 6/7/11

    I ordered this ladder on the recommendation of a friend as the last ladder I would ever need. This is mostly correct. I have only owned it for 2 weeks but already have found several uses for it. I believe the ladder will serve me well for years to come.

  13. Best Engineered Ladder Ever
    Review by Phil Cognetta Jr, 4/17/12

    My dad bought a Little Giant ladder a several years ago and is highly satisfied. When it came to getting my own, I searched around but found the perfect one to meet all of my needs for both outdoor and indoor work. I purchased the Type 1A Revolution XE Model 26 and have been using this extensively around the house. The ease of use, stability and safety are incredible. The videos and safety materials are clear and easy to understand so you can immediately start using this ladder with confidence.

  14. Nothin' But The Best
    Review by GWHI, 4/17/12

    For Christmas my family purchased a 10' fiberglass ladder from a lumber warehouse to reach the high ceilings in our house or outside projects . Nice ladder mind you but having a smaller Little Giant I was inclined to 'stay in the family' as it were. Same methodology. same attachments, same operations. So I returned the gift (thanking all of the parties accordingly) and purchased a larger Little Giant for those needed lofty heights. Rock solid stance, interchangeable accessories, ease of operation and multi-adjustability were the selling points for me. Can't go wrong with a Little Giant.

  15. Excellent Ladder
    Review by Brian, 6/8/11

    I needed an extension ladder and a larger A-frame ladder than I currently had, but didn't want a garage full of ladders. This was the perfect solution. I'll never need another ladder. This made installing ceiling fans so much easier since its a two person ladder. We had over 500 pounds total on the ladder and it was as sturdy as could be. I highly recommend this!

  16. Impressive!
    Review by Don, 6/7/11

    I was very impressed by the stability of the ladder. When you go up or down the ladder, it doesn't shake or make noise. I'm a mechanical engineer and I appreciate that a lot of thought has gone into the design of the Little Giant. The manufacturing is also high quality. Great Job, guys..

  17. Love It
    Review by Larry, 4/17/12

    Fabulous for what I need around the home. Changing batteries in fire alarms, filters, etc with our high ceilings. Solid. Stable. Portable.

  18. Looks very small but performs in huge way
    Review by Chef, 6/8/11

    Heavy duty and versatile. Excellent construction and great customer service. Unfolds into a full size ladder, but fits into a small space. Took a chance and found a little gem in the ruff. I would recommend this to any one who owns a home and need many size ladders for different jobs. This little Giant does them all!

  19. Great light weight ladder and easy to use
    Review by James, 6/8/11

    Bought the 4 to 6 step ladder. Love it! Had to buy the 22 foot. Arrive in les than a week. Light weight, very nice ladder. Should of done this sooner. I work at a Power Plant in maintenance and I use these ladders with my staff.

  20. Sturdy Ladder
    Review by Clem, 7/9/12

    Best money ever spent on a ladder.