I see a lot of statistics on the number of deaths and injuries reported per year by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, as well as the financial impact those deaths or injuries have on companies. For instance in 2011 there were 4,690 deaths from work-related accidents (more than 350 involved ladders) and three million injuries.

Let’s take a moment and reflect on the impact a lost-time injury has on a worker. In 2003, Les Boden of Boston University conducted a study titled “Income Losses of Women and Men Injured at Work.” In the study the researchers focused on the financial impact a moderate to serious injury has on an operator’s yearly income. The results of the study show the impact on the average male salary of $50,000 per year and that the damage is felt even after three and a half years.

As seen in the table the average difference in income after three and half years is still 7.3% less than the original salary. Even minor accidents count, no matter the severity because the true scope of the effects may be greater than we thought. Another reason your operators should pay attention to safety. It could take them up to five years to get back to where they were before their accident.

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Information on the study can be found at http://stopconstructionfalls.com/?page_id=17  and is titled “PowerPoint” under Instructional Materials.