The Associated General Contractors of America has some recommendations to improve worker safety based on a three-year research project.

The organization’s study found that falls, including falls from ladders, are responsible for 1/3 of all construction fatalities. The AGC also implemented a program to help decrease these accidents by implementing training plans and work plans. The research found some common misconceptions in the industry. For example, the research contradicted other research that indicates Hispanic workers are more at risk for falls and accidents. The AGC recommends targeting the entire workforce with safety programs, rather than targeting specific segments.

“The bottom line is the best safety programs are grounded in hard data and good research, not bad assumptions and exaggerations designed to support a particular political or social agenda,” said Stephen Sandherr, CEO of AGC of America. “No wisdom or insight should be proprietary when it comes to the safety of construction worker,” he said. “We all share a common goal: getting to zero construction fatalities.”