How valuable is a person’s life?

In real estate, investors invest in properties that will appreciate in value. Do you invest in your ladder the way you would invest in real estate? Probably not. But why not? It’s actually a similar. If you invest in a poor quality ladder, it is like investing in poor real estate because the ladder could cost you an injury, or even death. However, if you invest in a safer ladder, it can prevent injuries and save lives like investing in good real estate can earn you money.

Good ladders are used to provide safety while working at heights and to provide security while reaching your heights. Investing in a quality ladder is  equivalent to investing in someone’s life. According to a recent survey, more than 700,000 people fall from a ladder each year, more than 100,000 people are injured and more than 300 people die each year. How do we get these numbers to “ZERO”? The answer is by using the right ladders and by using these ladders safely.

How much is a life worth? Surely more than the cost difference between low-priced ladder and a higher-priced, higher quality ladder. Like real estate, a higher investment on safer climbing system Is definitely better than a loss.

Don’t use just any ladder, use the right ladder.