I run across lots of articles about ladder accidents, and sometimes these include accidents about scaffolding. I ran across an article about workers at a movie set who had their scaffolding collapse. Two workers were injured and one worker passed away.

Preventing Accidents Like This

Choose the right kind of scaffolding for the job. A good, safe option is using the Little Giant Plank with a Little Giant articulating ladder.  Also, inspect your scaffolding before you climb. You want to check to make sure all pieces of the scaffolding are in good shape before you climb.

Beware of Weight

Always know the weight limit on your scaffolding system. If you put too much weight on it, your system could fail and anyone on the scaffolding could get injured.

Only Solid Ground

When setting up scaffolding, make sure the ground is not soft or uneven. Uneven ground could cause a major accident is the scaffolding if set up on it.

Electricity Danger

Steer clear of power lines and anything else that conducts electricity.

Make Sure Everything is Secured

As you set up the scaffolding, make sure everything is secure and ready to climb. Make sure all pieces have been connected properly and are secure.

Hopefully these tips will help you be safer when you use scaffolding!