I stumbled on a new resource for you all this week. This great website gives some tips for climbing a ladder safely. It also gives tips for providing proper ladder safety training.

Using this Resource

If you are looking for some more ways to beef up your training, check out safety.blr.com for some advice and ideas. Also on the site is a handbook for improving workplace safety with tips for ladder training. It also has training for other workplace safety concerns.

The website also has some great resources from OSHA. While not 100 percent user friendly, if you dig around a bit on the site, you can find some of the OSHA requirements for ladders and other industry tools.

For Safety Program Development

If you are just getting started with your safety program, this website has great tips to start a program. There’s even a “Workplace Safety Builder” to give you some guidance on a somewhat overwhelming task. If you go to the “library” section, there are loads of articles and other items to download.

If you are looking at ways to get a little more involved with your team, this website has advice for starting an employee newsletter, as well as other time saving and team building activities. There are also quick audio training sessions you can use if you are looking for a last-minute safety activity.

I love it when I come across these great websites since they are full great tips for anyone in the safety industry! Make sure you take advantage of this great resource to help you and your team in your safety goals.