I ran across this great article from Washington State Department of Labor and Industries. The article has ten tips for using ladders safely. They are all tips we’ve covered here before:

1. Inspect your ladder.

2. Make sure the ladder’s feet work properly.

3. Use fiberglass if you might be near electricity.

4. Make sure the ground is level and firm before setting up your ladder.

5. Make sure your ladder extends three feet above the landing point when using an extension ladder.

6. Maintain three points of contact.

7. Never carry something that will cause you to lose your balance.

8. Never stand on the top rung or top cap.

9. Never lean while on a ladder.

10. Don’t set your ladder somewhere it will block pedestrian traffic.

These tips are all safety ideas you’ve heard before, but, what I thought was really interesting, was the video they included. It is short and uses statistics from Washington State. However, the message is still there. Watch it below.