The Washington State Department of Labor and Industries released an article a couple of years ago, giving ten tips for using a ladder safely and how to avoid workplace fall hazards. Here are the tips they gave:

1. Inspect the ladder.

2. Check the ladder’s feet.

3. If working near electricity, use a fiberglass ladder.

4. Set up your ladder on level ground.

5. Extend your ladder three feet above the roofline or  landing point when using an extension ladder.

6. Maintain three points of contact.

7. Never carry something that will cause you to lose your balance.

8. Don’t stand on the top rung or top cap.

9. Follow the belt buckle rule and don’t lean to one side while on a ladder.

10. Be aware of pedestrian traffic.

We’ve talked about these ladder safety tips before, but the authors also included a video. The statistics are Washington-based, but the video is still beneficial. Check it out here.