Valentine's Day Wishes

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, many people are thinking about loved ones and how they will celebrate their love. In the safety industry, we think about Valentine’s Day too, but we think about how we can help our team return home safely to their loved ones.

Most everyone has someone who loves them and who would care if something happened on the job. Here are some ideas for helping your team remember the importance of being safe so they can return home to those who love them.

Create a Safety Board

This board doesn’t have to be super fancy or like something off of Pinterest. It can be as simple as a bulletin board with pictures of your team members’ families. On the board you could have a phrase such as “Why We Work Safely,” or something similar. Having visual reminders can go a long way.

Get to Know Your Team and Their Family

When you know the members of your team and the members of their families, you are able to better show you do care about them being safe. When you need to correct actions from members of your team, you can both show you care and make it more personal by using family members’ names in your safety reminders.

Hopefully these tips help give you a couple of ideas to show your love for your team.