One of the best ways to prevent common ladder-related accidents is by choosing the right ldder for the job. Here are a couple of tips for choosing the right ladder:

Choose the Right Type of Ladder

Is an extension ladder the best option? Or would a stepladder work better? If you are doing something that requires the ladder to lean against a building or wall, choose an extension ladder. If you need to reach the ceiling in the middle of a room, for example, opt for a tall stepladder. Don’t ever lean a stepladder against a wall and use it like an extension ladder.

Choose the Right Material

If you will be working near electricity, choose a fiberglass ladder, since this material does not conduct electricity. If you won’t be around electricity, aluminum will work just fine. Many people like aluminum because it is lighter and less expensive than fiberglass. Both materials are sturdy, so it just depends on which one fits your needs best.

Choose the Size You Need

Choose a ladder that is the right height for your job. Get a ladder that is tall enough so you don’t have to stand on the rung or top cap. The right size ladder will make your job not only safer, but also easier.

What other steps are important when choosing your ladder?