Secures Extension Ladders to Overhead
Cable Strands and Scaffolding

Springville, Utah, July 22, 2013 – Little Giant Ladder Systems®
(, the industry leader in ladder safety innovation, today unveiled
the Claw™, an innovative and patent pending aerial ladder fastening system. When used at
the top of an extension ladder with appropriate fall-arrest equipment, the Claw can help
prevent a person from falling and hitting the ground. With the lightweight 3-pound Claw
installed, any operator can safely and securely fasten the top of an extension ladder to a
cable strand or scaffolding before leaving the ground. The Claw’s weight-activated clamp
automatically attaches to scaffolding or to a utility pole strand, preventing unwanted shifting,
sliding, or tipping, which often result in life-altering or fatal accidents.
Video and images of the Claw can be viewed at:
“The numbers are shocking. Every day 2,000 people are injured while using ladders; 100
suffer a long-term or permanent disability; and tragically, 1 person dies—every day,” said
Ryan Moss, CEO. “Dozens of families are impacted every day, not to mention the cost of lost
time, compensation, and medical expenses. We created the Claw to bring those numbers
down—to prevent injuries and hopefully save lives.”
Some of the worst ladder injuries occur when a working professional uses an extension
ladder to access scaffolding or to work on utility pole strands. The Claw allows a person on
the ground to securely fasten the top of an extension ladder to scaffolding or a utility pole
strand. The Claw’s fastening system is activated by the weight of the ladder and becomes
even more securely fastened when bearing the weight of the person.
If the person using a ladder shifts his weight, loses his balance or something destabilizes the
ladder, the Claw holds tight to the strand. When used with a suitable safety harness and a
retractable fall-arrest lanyard, the Claw stops a potentially catastrophic fall almost
immediately. The Claw can literally prevent the working professional from ever hitting the
The Claw has been tested to withstand well beyond the dynamic impact force of a 250-lb
person falling six feet. In a real-life situation, the Claw’s fall-arrest system would
stop a working professional’s fall at one to two feet, but the Claw is engineered with a
significant margin of error for added safety.

“The Claw is a game changer for the utility, telecom and construction industries,” said H.
Arthur Wing, President. “Cable and construction companies as well as professionals using
scaffolding now have a new safety lifeline. We believe the Claw will save lives.”
The Claw is available as an integrated, factory-installed package with the Lunar™ or
SumoStance™ product lines at industrial and STAFDA distributors throughout the country.
About Little Giant Ladder Systems:
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Institute, an industry group committed to promoting ladder safety.
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