climbing safe

Today I stumbled on another great article encouraging climbing safe when decorating for the holidays. The article was released back in September, but talks extensively on ladder safety and preventing injuries.

Climbing Safe Tips

With Christmas next week, most people have already decorated. But, for those who haven’t, here are a couple tips from the article you can use for yourself and your team.

The first tip for climbing safe is using proper climbing equipment. Make sure you use ladders when you need to instead of using furniture or other creative ways to reach a certain height. Use a ladder that is tall enough and is equipped to do the job the right way.

The second tip is to practice safe techniques. Make sure you are using your ladder on level ground or you are using leg levelers. Make sure your ladder is secure before climbing. Also, remember never to climb on the top rung of an A-frame or top three rungs of an extension ladder.

Remember, aluminum and electricity don’t mix. To prevent the risk of electrocution, make sure to use fiberglass ladders, which will not conduct electricity. As you know, if electricity comes in contact with aluminum, it is incredibly dangerous and possibly deadly.

The last tip given in the article is to “say no to alcohol and yes to sunlight.” For some reason, some people think it’s a good idea to climb a ladder after drinking alcohol. There is no reason to climb a ladder after drinking. Remember also to use the ladder in the daylight when it is easy to see.

These tips are just a review for you, but remind your team members, the ones who haven’t decorated yet for Christmas, make sure they get reminded. If you don’t have time to talk to them, just print off this blog post and give copies to the members of your team.