be safe when hanging holiday decorations

A lot of times we talk about how to be safe at work, but in this post we are talking about being safe at home. Over the next couple weeks, a lot of people will be climbing on their ladders to hang holiday lights and other decorations. Here are some tips for you and others who will be getting on their ladders in the coming days and weeks.

 Tips for Climbing Safe

Do not lean while on the ladder.

When hanging decorations, it can be easy to reach a little extra to get the last bit of lights hung. Unfortunately, that extra reach could result in a terrible accident, ending in an unhappy and expensive trip to the doctor. Make sure to choose the ladder that is the right height when you are hanging the decorations. Select the best ladder for your job, in addition to the right height. If an extension ladder would work better than an A-frame, then use the extension. If the A-frame would work better, then use the A-frame. If you need to get close to a building, using ladder in a different position would make your job easier. If you need to get close to your house, use a ladder than can be used in the 90 degree position.

Maintain three points of control

When hanging decorations, it can be easy to forget the idea of maintaining control. When you are busing climbing, make sure you aren’t too busy to remember to be safe. Make sure you find ways to be in control as you climb and stand to prevent any unfortunate accidents. When climbing, make sure to pay attention to where your hands and feet are. When standing, make sure to always maintain the three points of control.

Make sure your ladder is on level ground

As you hang decorations, make sure your ladder is on level ground and is stable before you climb it. Imagine climbing up your ladder ready to decorate when your ladder slips or rocks, causing you to lose your balance. If you have a lot of unlevel ground where you will be working, find a ladder that has a way to easily adjust to make the ladder even. For example, using a ladder with Ratchet Levelers could be a way to make your job both safer and easier.

Remember these tips in the coming weeks as you put up your holiday decorations. Take a minute and share this post with your team as well to help them remember to climb safe.