construction accidentOver the summer, a construction worker in Washington fell about 50 feet and died at the scene.

So, how did this accident happen?

There aren’t too many details, but here is what we know from witnesses. He was on a ladder, but he feel from the ladder sown several stories to the ground. The man was wearing a safety harness, but the witnesses did not know if the harness had been attached to anything.

What We Can Learn

The first thing that comes to mind is, as an operator, to make sure you are properly tethered. The second, also for operators, is to make sure your ladder is stable and on level ground.

Another way to prevent accidents like this as a safety professional is to make sure your team knows the precautions they need to take. Spend time with the team to make sure they are familiar with the tie-off rules and guidelines. Make sure you have the proper equipment available. In the case do this worker, they had the proper equipment. However, it appears as if the employee was not using the equipment properly. If you are work for a contracting company, make sure the company you are subcontracting with has trained their employees as well.

Prevent Accidents!

Accidents like the one that happened to this construction worker can be prevented through proper equipment and proper training. Make sure you take the necessary precautions to prevent accidents like this from happening to your teammates.