It’s important to be reminded to be safe every single day of the week. As you may have noticed, sometimes we like to look at and evaluate some of the crazy ladder we run across. Since it’s Friday, let’s take a look at another crazy photo example for “Crazy Photo Friday.”

Crazy Photo Friday Explanation

crazy photo Friday


Can you see what they’re doing wrong here? It looks like he is using an A-frame ladder. However, the first thing to do with an A-frame is to set it up in the actual A-frame position. The spreaders should be fully extended and locked into position. The A-frame ladders should never be leaned against the wall like an extension ladder.

Holding the Ladder

Speaking of leaning an A-frame against the wall, the ladder is not actually against the wall. The ladder is being held up by a man. Who in their right mind would hold up the ladder and allow someone to climb it? Along the same vein, who would climb on a ladder where the integrity of the ladder depends on the person holding it? Just a little tip, don’t have someone else hold all of your weight and the ladder’s weight. Your safety depends on it.

Using the Ladder on Stairs

Third on the list of wrongful use is using the ladder on stairs. Neither an extension ladder nor an A-frame should ever be used on stairs. If you need to use a ladder on the stairs, use one you can use for two different levels at once, like the one pictured below.
Revolution on stairs

Three Points of Contact

Unless you are using a ladder with a platform, you should always maintain three points of contact and climb or stand the same way the ladder is facing. Apparently, the guy in the picture somehow thought his ladder was some sort of platform ladder.

Let’s work to be more careful with our ladders.  Use the right ladder for the right job and use common sense when you use your ladder! Make sure you remind those around you to do the same.