safety perimeter

While they are not using the ladder safely at all, make note of the perimeter.

A safety perimeter is a great way to notify people that a ladder is being used. I ran across this story about man in England who was knocked from his ladder and critically injured.

Some ladder accidents are caused by poor equipment. Other ladder accidents are caused by people making poor choices while on the ladders. Still others are caused by people forgetting to follow safety protocol, like setting up a safety perimeter.

It would appear the unfortunate accident happened because a woman on a mobility scooter hit the ladder with her scooter, knocking the man to the ground. While we don’t know for sure if the man put up cones to notify people of the ladder, this story is a great reminder of why putting up a safety perimeter is important.

Setting up Perimeters

Setting up a perimeter is both simple and important if the ladder is being used in an area that gets any amount of traffic. When training your team, teach them to get some orange traffic or safety cones and put them around the place the ladder will be used. As you know, the cones will help pedestrians or drivers be aware of the ladder and avoid it.

While the perimeter seems like a simple precaution, it is something that is easy to forget to do. Do a quick training to remind your team of the importance of the safety perimeter. Remember, almost all ladder accidents can be prevented.