Darkhorse 17 Stairs 8_1Today’s post is a testimonial from a lineman in Georgia. He was called to work late one night to work on a line 300 feet off the ground to restore power to about 30,000 homes from a storm. In the past, this man used straight fiberglass ladders with hooks on the end, but this night was different. There were no straight ladders, so the worker used his Little Giant Dark Horse.

The lineman said, “I had few options left so I attached a set of hooks to the Dark Horse and took it up the tower with me where I was able to straighten it and attach it to the line. Once I had descended to the Insulator platform, I removed the Dark Horse from the line, reconfigured it to the 90-degree position, and proceeded to climb up it in order to gain easier access to the line that needed repair. Once I finished the repairs, I straightened the Dark Horse and used it to climb back off the platform. After I made sure I was secure in my position, I reached down to pull up the Dark Horse only to watch it fall from the line the full 300 feet to the ground.┬áIn all my years as a lineman, I have never felt safer up on a tower than I did while using the Dark Horse. I never realized how effective and versatile the Dark Horse was. I need to get one of my own.”