A couple years ago, New Jersey implemented a fall prevention campaign called “Don’t Fall for It.”

During the campaign, they included a checklist includes with steps including facing the ladder, using three points of contact and staying centered between the rails. They also provided details on actually climbing the ladder safely, breaking down the checklist on why it is important to follow the guideline.

NJ.gov provided this quote for workers who think they could catch themselves in the chance of a fall:

“The average person’s reaction time is half a second. In that time you fall 4 feet. As you fall, gravity pulls you down and your speed quickly increases. That means your impact force increases too. And, once you start falling, chances are you will stop only when you hit a lower surface. Still think you can catch yourself? A person who weighs about 200 pounds and falls just 6 feet will hit the ground with almost 10,000 pounds of force. That’s too much for anyone’s grip.”

Basically, you want to prevent falling because it will be difficult (if not impossible) to catch yourself.

New Jersey has ended this campaign, but it provided workers such a great resource. We loved all the great ladder safety tips they provided!

What is your favorite ladder safety campaign?