One of the best ways is to prevent ladder accidents is by providing education. Educating workers and other individuals on proper ladder use is one of the best ways to prevent ladder accidents and subsequent injuries.


Men between the ages of 35  and 55 are at the highest risk of getting injured while on a ladder, according to the American Journal of Preventive Medicine. While education for all genders and age groups is important, men in this age group should get some special attention, since they are more likely to be using ladders and then getting injured by the other groups.


What are some tips for educating this group? Some education happens with labels and packaging of the ladders, but this education is not enough, especially since, in reality, most people don’t actually read the labels. Instead, find out where they are using their ladders and what projects they’re using them for. Then, a safety training can be tailored to fit their needs.


If the group is using ladders for work, get the right .ladders for the specific job/industry and train them for ladder safety specific to their jobs. You can have the team complete online safety trainilng, or hold a safety training with a safety professional. Dave Francis, our national safety director provides ladder safety training to companies across the country. You also want to enforce the safety guidelines so no bad habits have the chance of developing.


If ladders are mainly being used at home, training can get trickier. As mentioned before, there are instructions and warning labels. Stores selling ladders could also hold a training event for customers. In addition, a workplace could hold a training and incorporate general and at home ladder use into the training.

What ways would you suggest for educating people on proper ladder safety?