Every once in awhile, it’s important to take a look at your safety program and figure out what changes you can make to improve it. Here are a couple of tips for when you evaluate your safety program.

First, ask yourself a few questions. The following questions can help you determine if your safety plan is working or if you have adjustments to make.


How often do you have safety training? What topics have you covered?

How do you handle a safety violation?

Does your company have a written safety policy? Is your safety policy consistently enforced?

Has your company had injury claims when you believe the employee knew better?

How do you identify and then eliminate potential hazards?

Do you have a safety committee?

If you had an OSHA inspection today, what areas of your business would you be most concerned with? What areas of your business would you be concerned with if you had an OSHA inspection today? ( ) General work area ( ) Personal protective equipment ( ) Work procedures ( ) Machine guarding ( ) Chemical handling ( ) Tool conditions ( ) Housekeeping ( ) Fall protection ( ) Lockout-tag

Once you have the answers to these questions, you can look at what changes need to be made to your current plan. Do you need more training? Do you need better enforcement?

Take some time to look at your safety plan today to see how you can help your team be safer.