Safety ProgramEvaluating your safety program is an importance part of having a safety program. Statistics regarding workplace injuries show there are still a number of accidents on job sites, regardless of the industry. In an effort to reduce accidents, OSHA has provided resources such as training, consultation, manuals and brochures to help you build and evaluate your safety program.

Tips for evaluating your Safety Program:

  • Safety programs should be evaluated annually. When doing this evaluation, here are a few things to keep in mind:
    • Involve your employees:
      • These are the people who have firsthand knowledge and understanding of job site hazards. They may see things you don’t see, allowing them to to provide valuable insight and generate ownership as they help to create solutions.
    • Review accident history:
      • Use the history of what has happened as well as what almost happened to create regulations for existing problems. If you notice your team regularly violating certain rules or getting injured doing certain types of jobs, beef up your training for those areas.
    • Conduct a preliminary job review:
      • Before starting a job try and find ways to prevent any accidents from happening, especially if it hasn’t been done before. Make sure you get your employees trained for the various hazards they could face on this particular jobsite. For example, if they will be using ladders for part of the job, make sure ladder safety training is incorporated into the job training.
    • Outline steps or tasks:
      • Keep track of every step involved in completing a job in order to make it easier to see where specific problems can arise.

Evaluating your safety program will show you what is working and what needs to be improved. What have you found helpful when evaluating your safety program?