YouTube is a great place to find resources, but it’s also a great place to find people making mistakes on ladders. This video shows that even safety officers can make mistakes. As you can see in the video, the safety officer violates a number of safety steps, which causes his accident.


How He Could Have Avoided the Mistakes

The safety officer is tied off, but he should still have worked to maintain three points of contact. You will notice he regularly lets go of the ladder, and, eventually, this leads to the ladder slipping and the officer falling.

Another thing the officer did wrong was not secure his ladder properly. Nothing was securing the top of the ladder, so when the safety officer slipped off the ladder, the ladder fell too.

The safety officer should have also made sure the ladder was extended to three feet above the roof line. Securing the ladder in the right spot would have made it so the ladder wouldn’t have fallen when the safety guy lost his balance.

It’s a little difficult to say just from the video, but it looks like his ladder isn’t at quite the angle it’s supposed to be. When climbing an extension ladder, make sure the ladder is at 75.5 degrees. As we’ve mentioned, NIOSH has a great app to help you get your ladder’s angle right every time.

As a safety professional, it is important to follow every single safety guideline, especially when you are training employees. Luckily, it looks like this guy is ok, but it could have been a serious accident. Make sure you are a good example of safety for your team to follow and don’t make the same mistakes this guy does.