safety professional mistakesAlways remember that even safety professionals can make mistakes with their ladders. This week, I ran across an article safety giving tips for people wanting to hang Christmas decorations. One company, whose representative was quoted in the article, talked about how his company could take the risk from people by hanging the decorations. At the bottom of the article, the company included a brief ladder safety tutorial. The problem was that the little safety video does not have good examples of safe ladder use.

The Mistakes

Here are just a few things we noticed from the video:

-The extension ladder’s angle is not 75.5 degrees, the angle all extension ladders should be.

-They have the men on the steep roof reaching over the edge.

-They have one worker standing on the top cap of the A-frame stepladder.

-They have workers under the drop zone of the extension ladder.

The thing about on-the-job safety is that even professionals who think they know what they’re doing get it wrong! It’s crucial to always be training yourself so you are reminded what is safe and what is not.

It is crucial to always know your facts and to double check where you are getting your information. Also, practice what you preach. Always make sure you are being safe and a good example to the members of your team. If you find yourself being unsafe, quickly correct it and let anyone who saw you know you were mistaken.

When people teach the wrong things, it makes it even more difficult to teach the right things. Like any subject, when there are wrong facts floating around, people can get confused and may even listen to the wrong information. Like in the case of this “ladder safety” video, the people weren’t actually being safe, and they positioned themselves as experts.