On Friday, The Hub launched a new series of videos. We shared the first video in the series on our YouTube channel. The video series will be called “Fail Friday.” We will share the videos on our various social media channels including YouTube and Facebook, as well as here on the Ladder Safety Hub blog.

So what is Fail Friday?

Every Friday we are going to review a ladder fail video and figure out what could have been done to prevent this accident. We understand that the footage of real people falling and getting injured can be disturbing to some. We are not making these videos to simply get a laugh. We are hoping to provide you and your team valuable information.

How can you use Fail Friday?

We hope your operators will see these videos and realize that this could happen to them, if they don’t take the proper measures. We encourage you to use these in your training efforts. Feel free to show this video as a two minute training and reminder for your team. Sometimes the shortest messages are the most effective.

In this video, the first of the Fail Friday series, you will see a lot of things going wrong. We hope you will use this as a teaching tool, and we hope it will help you get more of your people get home safely each night.

Let us know what you think of the first Fail Friday video!