fail friday photo editionSometimes, we like to take a break and look at a photo or two to see what the people in the pictures should be doing differently. Let’s talk about this guy and what he could have done to make his job safer.

Use a taller ladder

Obviously, this guy needs a taller ladder for his job. He is standing on the top cap and leaning over to get to his project. He needs a ladder almost double the height of the one he is using.

Use the right ladder for the job

For this particular situation, a stepladder may not be the best choice. It is important to have the correct ladders on hand for jobs like this one. For this situation, a tall ladder in the 90-degree position would work well since it would allow him to reach the space he needs to get to.

Proper training.

There is a chance this guy has been trained on proper ladder use, but he is choosing not to use it. Do your best to make sure your team is trained and has the right tools on hand.

Hopefully we can all learn a little from this Fail Friday Photo Edition and be a little more diligent in getting people home safely each day. Have a great weekend!