Every year the Bureau of Labor Statistics gathers, processes, and then publishes a huge amount. One of the topics that catches attention is the information regarding fatal incidents on job sites. This is a very serious subject but 2013 proved to be the lowest number of fatal accidents in 11 years at 4,405 deaths. Transportation incidents account for the highest cause at 40% but falls are still high at 16%.

One of the data graphs released covers the subject of Falls from a range of heights. This graph shows that three out of every five falls was from a height below twenty feet and that 11% were below six feet. Seeing the data represented in such a simple fashion does not fully convey the importance. At 11% there were almost 60 fall related deaths where the individual fell six feet or less, a surprising number for such a short fall. The rest of the data only adds weight to the importance of keeping people safe when they are working from any height.

From fall restraint systems to using the right ladder for the job, there are any number of methods to help diminish the number of Fall related deaths

Fatal Accident Statistics for 2013

You can find the statistics here or for more of their graphics you can look here.