STAFDA Distributors Who Offer Unique Climbing Safety Solutions
Earn More Sales and Loyal Customers

Springville, Utah, November 11, 2013 – Little Giant Ladder Systems®
(, the industry leader in ladder safety innovation, is
showcasing effective tactics STAFDA members can use to bring customers real value
at the 2013 Convention and Trade Show in Las Vegas, November 11-13, 2013. Live
ladder safety trainings, free online ladder safety trainings, and new disruptive ladder
innovations deliver profitability while preventing injuries and saving lives.
Everyday 2,000 people are injured in ladder accidents. One hundred of those injured
will suffer a long-term or permanent disability. And every day, one person dies. For
many large contractors and industrial companies, ladder-related accidents are the
single biggest workers compensation expense.
STAFDA Partners: Serve, Then Sell
“A STAFDA house with the ‘serve, then sell’ mentality can transform itself into a vital
resource by offering ladder safety training events for its customers,” said Art Wing,
President of Little Giant Ladder Systems. “And it doesn’t have to come at great
expense. There are STAFDA partners that will help provide this service—namely Little
Giant Safety, the industrial arm of Little Giant Ladders.”
Dave Francis, Little Giant’s National Safety Director and a 30-year veteran of the
industry, travels all over the country training for ladder safety events at large companies
and distributors. Little Giant provides this service free of charge, using these events to
train users and to show safety officers that there are safer non-traditional product
options out there. When planned and executed well, these events can be huge servethen-
sell opportunities.
Innovative and Unique Products
“Understanding ladder safety problems and providing real solutions to those problems
will make STAFDA houses an invaluable partner with their customers,” said Ryan Moss,
CEO of Little Giant Ladder Systems and Vice President of the American Ladder
Institute. “Although extremely important, training alone is not enough.”
Innovative products by Little Giant Ladder Systems address the top three ladder
• repeatedly handling heavy traditional ladders
• using the wrong type or size of ladder
• over-reaching
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About Little Giant Ladder Systems:
Little Giant Ladder Systems, Inc. manufactures and distributes superior-quality climbing
products to discerning homeowners and professionals throughout the world. The
company’s growing family of consumer brands includes Little Giant Ladders®, Little
Giant Xtreme™, SumoStance™, Select Step™, Lunar™ and Combo SXE™.
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