When hanging drywall, start with understanding the basics. Hanging Drywall is the term that refers to mounting gypsum panels. There are three thicknesses that these panels come in. 5/8 inch is the heaviest and is the best when looking to create a soundproof room. 3/8 inch follows and is appropriate when covering already present walls. ΒΌ inch is the smallest and it is ideal to use when creating curved walls or archways.

Before beginning your project, make sure to put on work gloves, safety goggles and a dust mask to help you stay safe during the process. The first step in hanging drywall is to prep the room. Find and securely cover all electrical and plumbing lines. After your room is ready, hang your drywall. You can find detailed instructions in hanging by checking out this blog post.

After your drywall is up, tape the seams. Cover vertical then horizontal seams with mesh tape. You will now need to start applying a joint compound. You will apply three coats of a pre-mixed joint compound, waiting for each to dry before applying the next. To finish your project apply a drywall sealer followed by a couple of coats of interior paint once dry.