1. We have another true story to share. In 2008, a man was helping his friends do some home repairs when he fell from a ladder. He suffered some injuries and ended up suing his friends since he was on their property. His friends’ defense was that he had been using the ladder improperly.

According to the accident report, the ladder had not been secured and did not reach the roof the man was working on. In addition, when the man came down the ladder, did not faced away from it. His fall caused major injuries resulting in a hospital visit and long-term injuries preventing him from working. In the end, he was awarded $1.1 million dollars, even though he had contributed to his accident.

“It was reasonably foreseeable that any person travelling to or from the roof of the house that day via the ladder and the carport roof could fall, and be injured as a result,” the judge said, explaining the ruling. “It was reasonably foreseeable that the ladder might tilt if it were not secured.”

This story is a good reminder to follow some of the basic ladder safety guidelines. Extend your ladder three feet above the roofline, and face the ladder when climbing down.

This story is also a good reminder to help others to be safe, especially if they are on your property.  The couple who got sued should have enforced ladder safety since it was their house.