So we probably need to go over a few points.

1. The Hub is completely free and always will be.  I hope you will check in often, comment on articles, submit your ideas, and even contribute your own articles. No one gets paid for any of the content.  The site is paid for, so don’t worry about that.

2. The editors and the sponsor (Little Giant Ladder Systems) will NEVER share or sell your personal information . . . period.  We may send you an email from time to time, but hopefully, you’ll find them useful, because everything we send you will be about preventing injuries and saving lives.

3. There’s free stuff!  Outside of running this site, all I do is travel around the country and run completely free, live ladder safety training sessions. If you’re interested in a session for your people, just fill out the form on the home page and I’ll contact you to see if we’re a fit.

4. We want to hear from you. Please comment.  Please share this site with anyone else you think can add to our community.  We’re all in this for the same reason–to get more moms and dads home safe every night.  Submit your stories, your funny or scary pictures for the Ladder Darwin Awards section, and just engage.  The knowledge and experience we share on this page, the more people we’ll save.

5. Product reviews.  From time to time, our contributing editors will review products. In the interest of full disclosure, Little Giant Ladder Systems does pay for this site, and we will post (not write) reviews about Little Giant products, but we’ll also review other ladder and fall prevention products that might help you in what you do.

Any questions?  Post them!