A couple of weeks ago, we wrote a blog article with tips for preventing decorating-caused injuries. Unfortunately, the news has filled up with accidents due to people falling while hanging decorations. I don’t know about you, but being injured is not how I would want to spend the holiday season.

Holiday Injuries

Here’s an article that talks about the number of injuries at a specific Iowa hospitalholiday injuries. A doctor from the hospital’s ER said he sees at least one ladder-related injury each day since Thanksgiving.

So, what’s causing all these accidents? The fire marshal quoted in the article seems to have a good idea. He said, “It’s very important not to step on that top rung of the ladder. There’s a sign on that ladder that tells you not to use the top of that for a reason. It’s very important also that if you are on an extension ladder outside that somebody is footing that ladder for you.”

In addition to not using the top rung, operators need to be aware of their location, especially in relation to the ladder. As mentioned in Tuesday’s post, those on the ladders also need to remember not to lean to the side. Instead, move the ladder and then climb back up. Those using ladders can never be too careful to follow all the safety guidelines.

These articles in the news are a good reminder to everyone why it is important to be careful on ladders. If you haven’t yet talked to your team about ladder safety, take a few minutes today and talk about holiday safety. You can use some of the articles we’ve written as a starting point for your special holiday training. Let’s help everyone from our teams get home safe this holiday season!