equipmentWhen you own a company, it can sometimes be tough to justify the cost of getting quality equipment, but time and time again we hear stories about the importance of this investment.

Last month, I ran across an article about a company and an employee who had been injured when using an unsafe ladder. The ladder was too large for the job the employee was doing. Also, the ladder’s grips were so worn they were useless. The man had been descending the ladder to take a break, when the ladder slid causing the man to fall and land on his foot. The man ended up with a fracture and a dislocated ankle. He had to get numerous surgeries and ended up not being able to return to work.

What does this tragic story teach us? It, like many others, shows the importance of having quality equipment and knowing how to use that equipment properly. The man should have used a ladder that was the right height for the job he was doing. Ladders that are either too tall or too short for a job can create all sorts of dangerous risks for the person climbing.

In addition, it’s important to remember to check equipment and make sure it’s in working order. For example, the ladder mentioned in the article did not have grips, causing the ladder to slip. As a safety office, it’s crucial to make sure employees only have access to ladders in working order.

Hopefully we can all take a look at our equipment and make sure it is safe to use, preventing accidents like the one from the article.