Ever carried your ladder on the roof of your car or in the bed of a truck? Actually have you ever carried anything strapped to the top of a car? For a lot of people the answer to this is probably that at some point you have.  Even those who haven’t can appreciate the concern felt when driving behind someone who’s got something dangerously perched on top of their car. The question that always crosses your mind when you see this is “What happens if it falls?” Hopefully if it falls no one gets hurt but a recent accident covered by Jacksonville.com serves as a reminder that safety should always be a concern when loading anything onto a car. The importance of transportation safety cannot be stressed enough, on or off the clock.

Ladder Accidents and Transportation Safety:

Stavros J. Dalambakis and his wife were the unfortunate victims of just such an accident when a ladder fell off the top of a Toyota 4Runner just ahead of them in the lane. While trying to avoid the ladder, Dalambakis swerved his pickup out of the way, only to have the trailer he was pulling jackknife and drive the truck into the water-filled ditch on the side of the road. Sadly, Mr. Dalambakis did not survive the accident and his wife went to the hospital with some injuries.

Accidents can often be avoided with the proper safety precautions. In this tragic story, the Florida Highway Patrol has not released a statement as to why the ladder fell off the car. It is likely the ladder fell due to it not being properly secured to the vehicle. As a warning, the highway patrol did remind people it is unlawful to drive a vehicle with any load that has not been secured.  Annie Lubinsky from businessfleet.com provides several methods for anyone looking to keep their stuff from wandering off.

Remember to train your team on the importance of transportation safety by teaching them how to secure ladders properly when going from job to job. It would be tragic for someone to get injured (or worse!) because a worker did not properly secure his ladder.

What are some of the craziest unsecured loads you’ve seen?