One of the cool things about this blog is the opportunity we have to share some of the things we are doing to get the message of ladder safety and fall prevention out to people. It is along those lines that I want to tell you about an article that was printed in Industrial Hygiene News last month.

Here is an image and link to the article. I will also summarize the article below.

Industrial Hygiene News Article

industrial hygiene news article

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In the article, Dave talks about some of the safety precautions companies are taking, some of those precautions enforced by OSHA, others are not. He talks about tie-off rules and some of the issues associated with these guidelines. Dave goes on to discuss fall prevention and some of the prevention tools that have come out recently.

Aerial Safety CageAerial Safety CAGE

Dave highlights a product from Little Giant Ladder Systems, the Aerial Safety Cage. The Cage is a fiberglass ladder with a fully enclosed platform. It can be used on uneven surfaces and stairs. It can also be adjusted in height or for use on stairs. The Cage is safe and relatively easy to use, making it a smart alternative to tying off.

Positioning System

In the article, Dave mentions another innovation from Little Giant, something called the positioning system for extension ladders. The system has a weight-activated clamp mechanism at the top of the extension ladder, helping it to be stable. It also has a dual-pulley system and positioner that can act as a safety harness. Both of these additions to the extension ladder help to make it much safer than the way it was before.Little Giant Claw


At the end of the article, Dave uses the following analogy:

“…Would you rather build a fence at the top of a cliff, or would you park an ambulance at the bottom?”

Any time we can tell others about preventing falls, like we were able to with this article in Industrial Hygiene News, we are excited. What do you do to tell others about being safe?