Every year, the news fills up with stories of people who have fallen from a ladder while hanging up holiday decorations.

Holiday Injuries

A couple of years ago, an ER doctor saw at least one person per day for a ladder-related accident from Thanksgiving until mid-December.

Why is holiday decorating so dangerous?

The thing is, people are often in a hurry to get the decorating done. They often end up using the ladder on uneven ground or leaning outside the rails.

A local fire marshal was quoted in the original article. He said, “It’s very important not to step on that top rung of the ladder. There’s a sign on that ladder that tells you not to use the top of that for a reason. It’s very important also that if you are on an extension ladder outside that somebody is footing that ladder for you.”

Remember never to lean to the side while on the ladder. Instead, move the ladder and then climb back up to continue your project.

Keep these couple of tips in mind as you get your home ready for the holidays!