We ran across another article about a man who fell from an extension ladder. While the man was climbing the ladder, it slid down the wall, injuring the man’s back, head, neck, ribs and hand.

What caused the accident?

The ladder owner failed to anchor the ladder correctly before telling the man it was safe to climb. Also, he didn’t train the worker before having him use the ladder. The final straw to the accident was that the ground where the ladder was set up was slick. The man was able to get paid for damages from both the owner of the ladder and the owner of the house.

Lesson to Learn

When it comes to ladders, you can never be too safe. The number one lesson is to learn is to inspect the ladder and surrounding yourself, rather than relying on others to do it for you. If the worker had done the inspection, he may have realized that the ladder wasn’t safe. The story also teaches the importance of securing the ladder and setting the ladder on firm ground, before climbing.