Investing in quality equipment can be pricey in the upfront costs, but how valuable is a life?

There are plenty of articles about employees who get injured while using a poor quality or damaged ladder. In a story I recently found, an employee fell when his ladder was too tall for his job and the ladder feet were too worn.

The man had been getting off the ladder to take a break, when the ladder slid. The man landed on his foot, leading to a fracture and a dislocated ankle. These injuries led to a number of surgeries, and he ended up not being able to go back to work.

Importance of Quality Equipment

This story is just one example of why having quality equipment is so important. The man needed a ladder that was the right height for his job. He also needed a good quality ladder.

Inspect the Equipment You Have

It’s also important to check equipment and make sure it’s in good shape. For example, article mentioned the ladder slipped because the ladder didn’t have any grips.