According to a recent OSHA report, workplace accidents resulted in close to 4,000 deaths last year, and three million individuals were injured in work-related accidents. These numbers are shocking, and are why we work to prevent injuries and save lives.

Investigating accidents is important to help correct situations where employees could be injured. There is no defined set of guidelines on how to conduct this type of investigation.

Tips for Investigating an Accident 

For a successful investigation, the right person should be conducting it. The “right person” includes safety officers, union representatives, or members of the safety committee. The person leading the investigation should be familiar with the job site.

Make sure you train the person or people who will be investigating the accident:

Training topics could include:

  • -Surveying the accident scene
  • -Who to contact in case of emergency
  • -Protecting scene evidence
  • -Finding the accident cause
  • -Analyzing accident data
  • -Filling out an accident report correctly
  • -Important follow-up after the accident

Accidents are common on the job site which is why it’s so important to investigate the accident cause and then find ways to prevent the same accident from happening again.