shoulder balanceEvery now and again, I run into an article talking about a ladder accident and injury that results in a lawsuit. This week, there was another article with lawsuit results. Here’s what happened:

A subcontractor was fitting window boards on a construction site. He had to climb up a ladder to a work platform. As the man got to the top of the ladder, the ladder suddenly moved. The man lost his balance and fell to the ground. He did land on his feet, but fractured his right heel bone. The man ended up having surgery and then had a bunch of infections, causing him to not be able to work his regular job for a full year.

How could this injury have been prevented?

The number one thing is to inspect the ladders. A simple inspection would have shown that the ladder was not fit for use. The right side of the ladder was too loose, ultimately causing this sad ladder accident.

Don’t lean on the ladder

While the facts showed that the ladder was faulty, the company accused the man of leaning back on the ladder, thinking he was closer to the ground than he was. Regardless of how close to the ground you think you are, never lean while on a ladder. The injuries that come from leaning on a ladder can by serious. This article can serve as a reminder to be aware while climbing a ladder.

While the man was able to win the lawsuit for damages, his life will never be the same. Due to his injury, he will never be able to do the same type of work he is used to be doing.

These news stories always serve as a tragic reminder of what can happen if we use unsafe ladders or if we use ladders unsafely. Hopefully we can learn from others’ mistakes and prevent getting injured.