accidentA ladder accident in Ontario, Canada resulted in a man getting airlifted to the hospital. The man was trying to cut down his tree, which he did successfully. However, once the tree fell, it bounced back and hit him in the face, throwing him from the ladder.

Tree Trimming Safety

So many unexpected things can happen when you are cutting down a tree, often things that can impact your life. It is important to always be alert and aware to what is going on. You and your team know a lot about ladder safety, but do you know the best way to cut down a tree when on a ladder?

Safety Tips to Prevent an Accident

This story is a great reminder of a few safety tips to follow.

  1. Don’t lean your ladder up against the tree.
  2. Plan where the tree will fall, and make sure you are not in its path.
  3. If there are people around who know more about ladder safety and/or tree cutting than you, listen to their advice. In this man’s situations, there were professional tree trimmers at the neighbor’s house. These professionals told the man to get down until the could help him, but he did not heed their warning. If he had, the story may have had a different outcome.
  4. Provide tips when you see someone using his or her ladder incorrectly. Like the tree trimmers mentioned in the article, it is important to be aware of what is going on around you and let someone know when he or she is being unsafe. While the person may not listen, you can still help those who do listen stay safe.

These tips are great reminders, even if you and your team work on ladders every day. Sometimes it can be good to have a reminder of how to be safe on ladders when doing things you don’t do every day, like cutting down a tree.

Do you have any other tips you would add? This story is sad, but could have had a different outcome if the right safety procedures were followed.