Number seventeen on a recent list of most common injury-causing products at home was ladders. Other items on the list included chemicals, porches and garden tools.

So, what makes ladders such a hazard?

Ladders aren’t hard to use, but if safety procedures aren’t followed, they can become dangerous. More than 300 people die as a result of a ladder accident each year, averaging to about one death per day due to a ladder accident. In addition to the deaths, more than 1,000 people suffer injury because of their involvement in a ladder-related accident.

When using a ladder at home, how can you use your ladder safely and prevent one of these accidents? Here are a couple of tips:

  1. Choose the correct ladder. Make sure the ladder is tall enough for the work you are doing. Make sure you choose the right type of ladder and ladder material as well.

Inspect the ladder. Before using the ladder, always do a thorough inspection.

Climb safely. Follow all safety guidelines and don’t take any shortcuts.