Ladder Facts

Ladder Safety / May 25, 2017

We often talk about ladder accidents, and today we have some accident statistics to share:

-Close to two fifths of all work-related falls involved falls from ladders or roofs

-Roughly 70 construction workers die in ladder falls each year

-4,000 or more people end up missing work because of their injuries

-Two times as many falls happen while descending the ladder than ascending

We like to take time to look at these statistics and be reminded of the importance of ladder safety. Help us lower these statistics to he Let us each do our part to lower these statistics and help someone’s father, mother, brother, sister, husband, wife or friend return home safely.

To help you be safe, here are a couple safety tips:

-Choose and wear proper footwear

-Check your ladder before climbing

-Make sure the ground is level

-Set your ladder at the correct angle

-Maintain three points of contact

Following these simple guidelines will help you be safer in the long run.Don’t be afraid to remind others of these safety guidelines as well.