A couple of years ago, a man fell from a roof and passed away because of his injuries. According to the news story this accident isn’t the first of its kind. There have been a few similar accidents, also resulting in deaths from falling from roofs.

What would cause these types of accidents?

These accidents are often caused from getting too close to the roofline. Transitioning from the ladder to the roof is another common point of accident. Resolving the first issue is as simple as paying attention to the ladder’s set-up angle and not getting close to the edge.

There are a couple tricks to making that transition point safer. First, have the ladder extend three feet above the roofline to provide the ladder stability.

Another option is to get a WalkThrough for your ladder. The WalkThrough secures to the top of your extension ladder to help make the transition point between your ladder and the roof simple and safe.

Be safe on your ladder. Use the right equipment and practice ladder safety.