This last week, I ran across a blog post talking about roof safety, and it made me think about ladder safety when working on roofs.

Falling from the roof is a common cause of ladder-related accidents. So, what can be done to prevent them?

The first step is setting the ladder up properly. You want to make sure the ladder is placed at the correct angle, 75.5 degrees. You also want to make sure the ladder extends three feet above the roof line. Having it extend any more or less can lead to the ladder slipping from the roof or the operator having difficulty getting onto the roof.

In regards to roof and ladder accidents, one of the most common places operators fall is the transition point between the ladder and the roof. So, what are some tips for decreasing the risk of this transition point?

Little Giant has actually created a solution – the Claw, LedgeLock and WalkThrough. The Claw is an accessory for Little Giant extension ladders. The LedgeLock connects to any building’s roof, and the Claw clamps onto the LedgeLock. The WalkThrough is also attached to the top of the ladder, so when the ladder is leaned up against the roof, the WalkThrough provides stability for the operator to get onto the roof.

You can never be too careful when working on ladders, but having equipment to help you be safer is always great. Hopefully, you will remember to climb safe when using your ladder to get to the roof