This week officially kicks off holiday decorating season for many people. There are a few early birds out there, but most people wait until after Thanksgiving to hang their holiday lights and other decorations.

Unfortunately, this time of year also brings an increase in ER visits with ladder-related injuries. So, here are a few reminders to help you get your decorations hung safely:

  1. 1. Beware of the unlevel ground. Before you climb your ladder, make sure the ground is level so your ladder won’t tip over. If there is no way around the unlevel ground, choose a ladder with adjusters.

2. Choose the right ladder. Use a ladder that is tall enough for the job at hand.

3. Never stand on the top rung or top cap. This safety tip goes with #2. If your ladder is too short, you need to get taller, so you stand on the top of the ladder. Unfortunately, ladders are not designed for you to stand on the top rung or top cap. When you do that, you throw off the center of gravity, making it easier for the ladder to tip. Then, you have nothing to grab onto (because you are standing at the top) and you fall to the ground.

Let’s decrease the ladder-related injuries this season by staying safe with our ladder.