We talk a lot about workplace safety and being safe on-the-job, but practicing ladder safety at home is just as important. Here are a couple of tips to remember when using a ladder at home:

  1. Set your ladder up correctly

When you set up your ladder, make sure you do it correctly. You want to make sure any spreader bars or hinges are locked in place. You also want to make sure you set your ladder at the correct angle.

  1. Inspect your ladder: Before climbing your ladder, make sure you do  thorough inspection, every single time. You should check every single weld and rivet. You want to look at the ladder’s feet to make sure they aren’t damaged. You also want to look at the material. Is the aluminum still in good condition? Has the fiberglass “flowered” at all?
  2. Use your ladder on firm, level ground: Never use your ladder on unlevel ground. If the ground is unlevel, make sure to use a leveler. Never use your ladder on slick ground or ground that is too soft to keep your ladder stable.
  3. Maintain three points of contact: While on your ladder


  1. Store your ladder safely: When you are done with your ladder,