Here are a few things to remember when carrying a ladder:

Safety CAGE6_29Be Aware

Clear the area of debris or other tripping hazards. Check for any cords, power lines or anything else above your head that could cause problems. Make note of where people and ensure they aren’t in the ladder’s path. When you may be walking near power lines, make sure you use a fiberglass ladder. I read a news story about a man who was carrying an aluminum ladder, but not paying close attention. His ladder bumped the power line, resulting in his untimely death.

Put the Ladder in the Correct Position

When carrying a ladder, put it in the smallest position it can be. Stepladders should be folded and extension ladders should be as short as they can go. When possible, use ladders with wheels for easy transport.

Get Assistance When NecessaryVelocity Wheel

If you are carrying a large or heavy ladder, get help from another person. Make sure you talk to one another to make sure you are in sync to prevent accidents.

Remember these tips next time you need to carry a ladder and be safe out there!