When it comes to ladder safety, there are some general rules that apply to all industries. There are also, however, some guidelines that apply to specific industries. Here are a couple of tips specifically for firefighters.

Pay Attention to the Weight Rating

Each ladder has a maximum amount of weight it can hold. With all the firefighter’s equipment, paying attention to the weight rating is crucial. Always check the weight of yourself and your equipment before you climb. When your equipment is on, if you surpass the weight rating, choose another ladder or find a way to lighten your load.

Use Your Ladder on a Level Surface

Another common problem for firemen is uneven ground. To prevent the ladder from tipping, set your ladder up on level ground or use levelers to make it level.

Choose a Lightweight Option

Heavy ladders can cause problems for firefighters. Not only do you have a lot of equipment to carry, but then you have a heavy ladder to carry too. Ladders, especially the ones designed for firemen, can be incredibly heavy. All that weight leads to strains and sprains and other muscle stress. Find help for carrying your ladder or choose a lighter ladder.