fixed ladderJust like other types of ladders, a fixed ladder can be dangerous too.  I just saw a little news story about a woman in Florida who was injured while trying to get into her yacht. She had to climb a ladder from the dock to the boat, but the ladder was faulty. The woman hit her chin and then fell into the water. When inspected, the ladder had several cracks and breaks. The nails holding the ladder to the dock were also loose. The woman’s fall was ultimately caused by one of the steps breaking.

This accident shows the importance of regular maintenance and inspection. From the information in the article, it sounds like the ladder is a fixed ladder that did not get maintained well. Fixed ladders still need to be maintained. If the ladder in the story had been maintained properly, the accident may not have happened.

So how do you maintenance standing ladders?

The first thing is to do regular inspections. Make sure the ladder is securely fastened and that all rungs and rails are stable and in proper working order. Ensure there are no cracks or other damages. If you see any issues, replace the ladder. According to OSHA, if the ladder is wooden like the one in the story, you can put a “non-irritating preservative” to prevent water damage. For standing ladders, regular maintenance is crucial.

Luckily, this accident wasn’t fatal. However, with a few simple precautions, it could have been prevented.