A study from 2005 showed a correlation between the size of a company (a company budget) and the number of injuries (ladder safety). Smaller companies had more injuries than larger companies. This increase in injuries was attributed to a lack of investment in proper training and equipment.

How to Be Safe

If you work as the safety officer for a smaller company, there are a few things you can do to help your team stay safe, regardless of your budget.

ladder safety trainingProviding Ladder Safety Training

Sometimes budget and time constraints prevent safety officers from investing necessary resources on training. How can we expect people to be safe if they don’t have the training they need? The answer is we can’t. There are plenty of free resources available for ladder safety training. On this site alone, we have videos, resources and free safety training. Even if your company is on a shoestring budget, make sure you take advantage of the excellent resources available to you.

Invest in the Right Products

Equipment can get expensive, and quality equipment is even more expensive. The real question, however, is how valuable is a life? If safer equipment would save a life when the less expensive equipment would not, why wouldn’t you invest the extra money for the better equipment? Saving a few hundred dollars now is not worth losing someone’s life and inevitably spending more on costs associated with the death.

Regardless of the size of your company, make sure you are spending enough of your time and your budget to properly protect your team. With proper equipment and proper training, we can decrease the amount of injuries, and, hopefully, lower the injury discrepancy between large and small companies.